Safety Acid/Corrosive Cabinets-60 Gal Cap-(65"H x 32" x 32"D)-2 door manual- Eagle

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SAFETY ACID/CORROSIVE CABINETSMEETS OSHA STANDARDS Blue epoxy finish 18 Gauge steel Double walls 1 1/2" Air space Three point plated lock Adjustable shelving Four adjustable leveling feet Complies with NFPAFlammable and CombustibleLiquid Code#30 FM approved30 gal has 1 shelfFor storing small containers up to 5 gallon capacity of flammableand non-flammable acids and corrosive liquids. All interior andexterior surfaces are finished with blue epoxy powder coating forsuperior chemical protection in event of spill. Each cabinet haslinear high density polyethylene shelf trays.All Products On This Page Are Dropped Shipped FOB FactoryGal DimensionsModel Cap H W D Door Style PriceCRA-30 30 44" 43" 18" 1 door self closingCRA-32 30 44" 43" 18" 2 door manual CRA-3010 Same as CRA-32 but has self closing doors CRA-45 45 65" 43" 18" 1 door self closingCRA-47 45 65" 43" 18" 2 door manualCRA-4510 Same as CRA-47 but has self closing doors CRA-62 60 65" 32" 32" 2 door manualCRA-6010 Same as CRA-62 but has self closing doors